Who IS Steffanie A. MUA?

As young girl, she always dreamed of seeing her name on the Hollywood screen. With a passion to color the world and expertise in the art of makeup, she utilizes her creative mind to set herself apart from the crowd. Not only does her optimistic and energetic attitude decorate each person she encounter's day, but her edgy, fashionable look gives the coolest artistic vibe you just can't get enough of.  She's a goal oriented dream chaser, getting up directly after graduating high school to move from one coast to the next to get closer to her desires. Now, at only 21 years old, she has mastered all things glamour, gore and more. Completing every masterpiece with undetectable precision is her key ingredient to her pure makeup perfection. Whether you want to have a naturally glowing complexion or be all glamoured up, SHE'S your girl. Even if you need to be transformed into a completely terrifying creature or just done in fresh, avant garde designs, SHE has your back. Whatever your soul's imagination desires, give Steffanie A. MUA a call! She is guaranteed to impress every time.